Friday, June 18, 2004


We went to the St. James Cathedral in Seattle tonight (6/18) for the Taize service. While we are not Roman Catholic, we have enjoyed the music of Taize for some time. To find a "real" service was a true blessing for us. We've gone at least once during each liturgical season since being introduced last September. Each time, it has been worth an hour plus drive in Seattle traffic. The cathedral is magnificent. It is circular, with four seating areas and a huge marble altar in the center as the focal point. When it is dark - the spots hit it and it absolutely GLOWS.

We attended last on the Friday before Pentecost - and they asked me to read the scripture. I love reading aloud - and, frankly, I'm good. But to read in a cathedral - with all of the natural resonance... well, it was an awe-inspiring experience. Tonight, Sue and I were asked to move the cross. A cross (really an icon) is moved to lay on the floor so people can come and kneel and touch it while praying. It was deeply moving - and an honor. Tonight we thanked one of the folks in charge for asking us. It was undoubtedly our last time there - and the service was glorious. Taize is at once quiet and reflective - while soaring to new heights. If you want more information, just "Google" Taize and hit "I feel lucky". You can do the same for "St. James Cathedral" and find great info about this spectacular worship center in Seattle.

The move is coming fast - I'll post some pictures of the new church soon. I go off to our United Methodist Annual Conference next week to help with the book table by my employer.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

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Moving again

Not that most folks care - but we're moving. Again. After only a year in Monroe, WA, we are moving to Moscow, ID. Sue is a United Methodist pastor, and the understanding is that she will go wherever the Bishop says. That is generally in a specific geographic area. In our case, that means anywhere in Washington or Northern Idaho.

This was really a request. While we both love Monroe (I ESPECIALLY prefer Western Washington for its marine climate), her parents live in extreme Eastern Washington. In Moscow, we'll only be 8 miles from them - a local call, even. So that is to the good. The climate will be different - but Moscow is at 2500 feet elevation, so it will be cooler in summer. And colder - and snowier in winter. I won't like the snow/cold part - but I truly suffer over heat. And one can always bundle up or stay inside!

So, I'm looking forward to the move. I'm sad to leave another job I enjoy - but I feel like this is the "right" thing to do. I can't explain that - but I feel it to be so. Keep us in your thougths and prayers.