Saturday, November 13, 2004

Fall is here

Fall is here on the Palouse. For those who thinkt hat only the deciduous trees turn colors - you have never seen the tamarack - or Western Larch. They are "needle" trees - virtually indistinguishable much of the year from the Douglas Fir and Lodgepole Pine in this area. But in the fall - for three weeks or so, the tamarack tunrs a glorious gold. So, in the midst on an "evergreen" forest, there are spires of gold. They are truly an amazing sight! It is my favorite sight of the fall.
Yet all around us, the trees are in full color. At this time of year, we do not get much sunshine - it's often cloudy or foggy. When the sun is out, the trees glisten - almost gaudy in their glory. We see ring neck pheasants often in our back yard, scratching for food. The California quail send their clear call from the rooftops - and occasionally visit the feeder on the deck for thistle seed. The other dya, I counted 24 of them in the back yard. Their ridiculous plumes on top are distinctive.
I am employed as the office manager of the Campus Christian Center on the campus of the University of Idaho. The web site is It is not terribly up-to-date. But that will be my job - and you can expect updates soon!
The Great and Gloriosu Grandchildren were Superman and an Angel, respectively. We continue to be amazed at how old thet get! I hope pictures are attached to this post.