Friday, October 15, 2004

Update 10/15/04

My goodness - been a long time, eh? But FINALLY Verizon decided to sell DSL themselves in Moscow instead of going through other ISP's. So, I have broadband - again. Finally! So, I hope to be a tad more regular.
Still no job - not that I've had time to look for one! Sue's folks have been ill a lot. She notes the "parent alert level" ahs not dropped below yellow since we moved here. I'd agree - except "yellow" lasted about 3 days. Other than that, it's been orange or red!.
We've moved them into an assisted living apartment, and both are having their meds monitored by staff there. Charlotte (Sue's mom) is now been prescribed a walker, which she is not happy about. I refer to it as her "racing walker". It has wheels at all four contact points and hand brakes! I told her we need to paint it red and put NASCAR stickers on it. Maybe we could get her sponsored by Ensure! Both parents are doing much better. Today we drove Ted to Steptoe Butte. This is a state park that is about 3600 feet high. It is literally an "island" of quartzite in a sea of lava and loess (dirt). On a clear day, one can see 200 miles from the top - we saw perhaps 20 today. Lots of smoke in the air from field burning.
Tomorrow I clean - big time. We have the parsonage open house on Sunday afternoon. That lets the congregation - who own the house - see what they own.
Moscow is a wonderful place to live! It's Fall now, with highs in the 60's and lows in the 30's. The trees are turning. With sunny days and cool nights, it is all that Fall should be! There are two home college footbal games tomorrow in our area: the University of Idaho VANDALS and the Washington State University COUGARS. I wish I could go to one or the other - but, alas, I must clean.