Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Wow - I had forgotten this blog even existed.  Much has happened in my life since the last post.

And that will, undoubtedly, get mentioned.  I hope to make this a creative outlet - based on - well, who knows what?  Maybe some creative writing, perhaps some poetry - old and new - spiritual ramblings.  But I think I need to write every day.  Who knows - it might even end up here.

2:3 Divided tongues, as of fire, appeared among them, and a tongue rested on each of them.

On my heart right now is my church.  I'm a United Methodist.  I like the open spirit of questioning that is encouraged in this denomination.  And my church is in trouble.

Today many are discussing a possible split of the United Methodist Church - I guess my frequent mis-spelling of "united" that becomes "untied" - is more correct than I would like.  And the scripture for Pentecost says "divided tongues...  rested on each of them."  Hmmm - the tongues were divided - yet all spoke of the Holy Spirit.  The message they gave was the message of the Gospel - the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The issue that is dividing the UMC is homosexuality.  I'd be willing to bet not one person in that crowd of "tongue bearers" said a word about any kind of sex.  Rather, I would further bet the message was one of "Jesus Christ - and Him Crucified for YOU."  Then something about accept that - BELIEVE - and be saved.  I'll bet there was not a word of doctrine - because none had yet been developed.

No doctrine - just a pure belief.  Think of that.

No Trinity.

No speaking in tongues of angels. (Paul had not started his letters yet)

No Council of Bishops, or Judicial Council, nor even a Wesley Quadrilateral!  Thus - no heresies.

Just pure belief.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Vacation - Part II


Photos from Vacatrion part II are available at this link.

I am so glad to be home! Spent today with laundry, going to the grocery - and in general getting settled back into our routine. Routine is strangely comforting.

The last part of vacation was busier than the first. We had to keep going all the time - seeing the Great and Glorious Grandchildren; traveling - and missing our first flight; seeing family in Illinois - and then flying home from O'Hare. What is it about sitting on one's hindquarters squished into an uncomfortable airplane seat makes us so tired? All Sue and I wanted to do was get home - and have naps!

But, all in all it was great a vacation - and I'm glad to get back "at it" now.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation - Part 1

What a marvelous time away! We began in Enterprise OR for a wedding that Sue officiated. (She was NOT on vacation at that point - I was! It was a gorgeous setting in the backyard of the bride's parents - and a high mountain ridge was the backdrop. From there we went to Pendleton, OR to see (again) the Tamastslikt Cultural Center of the Nez Perce. No photos were allowed - but they do an outstanding job of telling the whole story.

The next day we drove to Bend, OR - and went (also again) to the High Desert Museum. On the way we stopped at a display of the Oregon Trail and saw the actual road - still with ruts! I cannot imagine that kind of traveling. The High Desert Museum is a favorite place for both of us. The pictures show snakes, lizards, Gila monsters, eagles, and a spotted owl. There are also photos of Snowball, the lynx. The bobcat was hiding and doing "cat stuff" - i.e. sleeping.

From Bend we drove to Crater Lake and spent the night in the lodge. It was smoky upon arrival - fires from both California and within the park itself. I sat and looked at the smokescreen while Sue hiked to one of the higher points. While we ate our peanut butter sandwiches seated on the rock wall outside the wall, there were sirens, and motorcycles - and then the lodge restaurant was closed. The King of Jordan and his son were out for a motorcycle ride - with the US Secret Service providing protection. Needless to say - the lodge was abuzz that evening!

From Crater Lake we drove to Yachats OR - on the coast. We highly recommend the Ocean Haven (www.oceanhaven.com) where we stayed. We had a studio apartment, with a queen bed, cooking facilities, comfy chairs - and a window wall that faced the Pacific. They even supplied GOOD binoculars, and all organic teas and coffee. And only $100 a night! We stayed there until Sunday - and enjoyed tide pools, walks on the beach, good meals - and the joy of our "beach fix".

From there we went to Troutdale OR for the night - then wandered our way home along the Columbia River Gorge - enjoying the many waterfalls. Tomorrow we are here in Moscow - and then off to Columbus OH and the Great and Glorious Grandchildren for a few days. We'll drive on Saturday to Lake Forest to see Sam and family and celebrate his 90th birthday. Then we're home for the Idaho Repertory Theatre's last two performances - and then it's August and almost time to go back to work!

Pictures on Google's Picasa - a great and free program! http://picasaweb.google.com/layspeaking/OregonJuly2008

Hope y'all have/had an equally stupendous vacation.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy New Year!

In spite of the world's troubles, I believe in hope. This is going to be a good year - for most of us. Let's keep in mind those for whom this New Year is starting out badly - the people of Kenya, Zimbabwe, Sudan - and a variety of other places.

A resolution? I don't make them. But were I to desire one for the world - it would be that we all treat each other like we wish to be treated - with respect and dignity.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Quite a Week

I was asleep when automatic weapon fire rang out at the Latah County Courthouse - about a mile and a half from my home. People who were still awake at 11:30 pm in the neighborhood recount hearing the shots. It would take more than that to awaken me!

When the radio came on at 6:15, the announcer was telling of a several block area that was closed due to a shooting. By then, the shooting was over, but the news was delayed in getting out. Then the phone started ringing, wondering if Sue had heard - and wondering if we would have church. Our church is only a couple of blocks from the scene, though according to the news reports we were just on the outskirts of the closed area.

At 7, Sue tried to get to the church - and was turned back - 8 blocks away. She came home and made the decision to cancel Sunday School. We would wait and try worship at 10:30. As it turned out, she must have just missed the opening of the barricades at 7. We held worship - though attendance was slim. Our Presbyterian sisters and brothers were far more traumatized, with their church sexton shot in the head in the office - as he talked to 9-1-1; and the shooter taking his own life in the sanctuary.

Ultimately, First United Methodist ended up hosting prayer vigils at the request of the Presbyterians. Sue and I were present each night to help as we could. And the Campus Christian Center (where I work) turned over our offices to the Presbyterian staff - since their church was closed as a crime scene.

In the end, four lost their lives - including the shooter. He killed his wife, Moscow PD officer Lee Newbill, and the Presbyterian church sexton. Throughout the week, there were many prayers, tears, - and MUCH confusion. Not in OUR peaceful little town! But, as our police captain noted later - "I knew we were not immune."

The week also contained a true sense of commUNITY - and grace, forgiveness, and yes - even humor. One of the local radio stations referred to the Presbyterian Church "sextant" - and Sue and I wondered aloud if they had lost their sense of direction!

We still wrestle with this violence - and wonder about things like appropriate access to firearms. The shooter had a fully automatic AK-47 - and one must wonder if the framers of the Constitution had such a weapon in mind. Perhaps the "right to bear arms" should apply only to muskets...

We continue our healing - and our innocence has been taken. Even in the small town - we are not immune.

Unfortunately - neither are you.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Fall / Winter 2006

We have snow - and lots of it. As I keep saying, "Where are the 'Global Warming' people when you need them???!!! It has been COLD and snowy here.

We have a new resident in the parsonage. He is from Zimbabwe, and is in Moscow to earn his Masters in Music Education. He's a neat guy - Tendai. Just like it sounds. :) He has left wife and children for two YEARS to earn this degree. Poor guy, I think he's traumatized by the snow and cold! We enjoy being able to share this bug house with another human.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I find I need a social outlet - and - since I was invited - I have selected Kiwanis. www.kiwanis.org This is a great community-minded group of men and women that work together to laugh and work to serve. The Moscow group is pretty cool.

Today I helped out at a pcinic for the Head Start program. Kiwanis provided hot dogs and chips, and Head Start did everything else. It was fun to watch kids eat the "dogs" - and participate in all the fun activitites Head Start had provided.

I enjoyed.