Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Wow - I had forgotten this blog even existed.  Much has happened in my life since the last post.

And that will, undoubtedly, get mentioned.  I hope to make this a creative outlet - based on - well, who knows what?  Maybe some creative writing, perhaps some poetry - old and new - spiritual ramblings.  But I think I need to write every day.  Who knows - it might even end up here.

2:3 Divided tongues, as of fire, appeared among them, and a tongue rested on each of them.

On my heart right now is my church.  I'm a United Methodist.  I like the open spirit of questioning that is encouraged in this denomination.  And my church is in trouble.

Today many are discussing a possible split of the United Methodist Church - I guess my frequent mis-spelling of "united" that becomes "untied" - is more correct than I would like.  And the scripture for Pentecost says "divided tongues...  rested on each of them."  Hmmm - the tongues were divided - yet all spoke of the Holy Spirit.  The message they gave was the message of the Gospel - the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The issue that is dividing the UMC is homosexuality.  I'd be willing to bet not one person in that crowd of "tongue bearers" said a word about any kind of sex.  Rather, I would further bet the message was one of "Jesus Christ - and Him Crucified for YOU."  Then something about accept that - BELIEVE - and be saved.  I'll bet there was not a word of doctrine - because none had yet been developed.

No doctrine - just a pure belief.  Think of that.

No Trinity.

No speaking in tongues of angels. (Paul had not started his letters yet)

No Council of Bishops, or Judicial Council, nor even a Wesley Quadrilateral!  Thus - no heresies.

Just pure belief.


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